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Care Instructions

Much of our sandstone products come with a soft protective cork bottom. The Sandstone products that do not come with cork can be used in damp areas such as around sinks and in bathroom. Most of these products will come with clear silicone bumpers to create airflow beneath.


We recommend wiping off any spills before they completely dry to prevent staining the sandstone.


Cork should not remain in prolonged contact with standing water or liquids, staining to some counter tops and surfaces may occur.

It is safe to gently wash all our sandstone products with warm soapy water. After doing so allow cork and sandstone to completely dry before use.


for our "Thirsty Series" Products a simple process for cleaning can be used.Use 1/2 bleach to 1/2 water and soak product stone side down for 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly in fresh water and let dry completely before use.

-Be sure to wear protective glasses and gloves when using bleach. Bleach is highly corrosive and should never be mixed with vinegar or any other household cleaners. Mixing bleach with anything other than water can create a deadly gas.


If you have any problems please contact us, we are more than happy to help.