Sand to Stone

Our Signature Sandstone Process

The creation of our Sandstone is a combination of certain stones and sands mixed with cement in various ratios while combining water to create Concrete/Sandstone.


Once our handmade Sandstone has been removed from its mold after it's initial cure forming it's permanent shape; it goes through a slow curing process which insures that it fully hardens to it's maximum strength. This special process is the magic behind our super strong Sandstone products and enables us to cast very thin Sandstone that still maintains it's strength. This crucial step separates our Sandstone from other similar products that can sometimes chip and break under normal stresses of use.


Once fully cured our Sandstone is removed and left to air dry for a minimum of two days to ensure excess water has been removed. A layer of protective cork is then permanently bonded to the bottom of the Sandstone. We then grind the edges of the cork to create a seamless transition between the Sandstone and cork. We guarantee our cork will not peel or lift for the lifetime of our products.


Once the cork has been ground flush and blended we continue to hand sand the Sandstone to eliminate any hard edges. The product is then taken to our CNC laser where we engrave our logo on the backside of the cork and proceed to seal the engraving and cork which prevents colour bleeding.


The final step is to add the finishing top coats, we apply a minimum of two clear coats on all our Sandstone products and for heavy use items such as coasters and soap dishes we apply a third. For all of our food grade products we coat all surfaces that will come in contact with food using an FDA food safe compliant coating.


From start to finish our Sandstone products take an entire calendar week to produce. We realize our Sandstone products could be made a lot quicker if we were to skip some of these steps; however the quality of our product would suffer as a result. Instead of cutting corners on quality to save time we focus our efforts on advancing our facilities and batch sizes to compensate for our labour intensive high quality product. We are able to achieve our quick delivery times by stocking our products in various stages of the overall process.


It is our main focus and goal to bring high quality products into the homes of people around the world. We feel by taking all the extra steps required to produce high quality products that we are moving forward in the right direction by decreasing the likelihood of our products ending up in landfills. Although recycling is a great way to combat the ever growing pollution epidemic we all face worldwide; we feel that there are plenty of steps we can all take before many items get to the point of needing to be recycled. One way is for people to purchase quality items they love and cherish and not plenty of inexpensive items they will likely discard in the near future. Changing our purchasing habits is a crucial step in the right direction towards a healthier planet and home.


We guarantee once you hold one of our Classic Sandstone products in your own hands you will understand with your own senses why our products are so well known for their beauty, simplicity and most of all quality.