Two Hearts at a Time

Gratitude and Being Grateful

Our mission is deeply rooted in spreading 'Gratitude' across a world thirsting for hope. We recognize that gratitude is not just an emotion but the foundation upon which we can build a better existence for everyone. With a steadfast commitment to this vision, we embark on a journey to transform the world for the better, two hearts at a time. Together, we believe in the power of collective action and positive change, fostering a global community united by gratitude and optimism.

Two stone hearts and notes in a translucent silver baggie, embodying gratitude. Below, another set of stone hearts and notes, highlighting the act of sharing appreciation and love.
A gift of gratitude note with rounded corners being help by a hand reading, "We all have plenty to be grateful for. Let this heart become a reminder of all the things in your hearts that you are grateful for. Carry it with you or keep it somewhere you look often. When you do see or think of it let it remind you of all the great things that you have in your life. Pass it along to someone special or leave it somewhere for a total stranger to find."

Spreading Gratitude

two hearts at a time