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Sparkling Sandstone Ring Dish, White or Grey


Sparkling Sandstone Ring Dish, White or Grey


The white ring dish truly does sparkle, the grey dish is more subtle and masculine. Both dishes are very modern and are very functional. Great storage for an array of smaller jewelry such as cuff links, rings, broaches, pins, tie clips and more.

Put it by your sink and have a safe place to store your precious rings while you tackle daily tasks.

The dish is secured with clear vinyl bumpers on the bottom to promote airflow and can be used in damp areas safely.

This listing is for the tray only and does not include rings or props seen in the pictures.

Overall height with lid
¾" or 2cm
4" or 7.5cm
3" or 7.62cm

Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly due to hand making all of our products.

-All of our products that will be used in damp or wet areas will come equipped with clear vinyl bumpers securely attached to the bottom. this increases airflow further preventing bacteria growth and standing water.

Detailed care instructions Here

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