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Sandstone Bud Vase Tall Taper


Sandstone Bud Vase Tall Taper 


White and Grey completely sealed watertight Sandstone bud vases

These tall taper bud vases are long and sleek subtly drawing the eye to it. These vases accept up to a few flowers at any one time but still look like a decorative center piece without any.

We use a high end sealer to achieve an authentic stone finish while still maintaining a 100% waterproof vessel. This is a unique characteristic to our vases as the majority of concrete and stone vessels will saturate over time. 

Overall height
6" or 15.25cm
Bottom Diameter
2 ½" or 6.35cm
Top Opening
¼ or 6.35mm

Measurements are approximate and may vary slightly due to hand making all of our products.

-We test every vase for 24hours to make sure they hold water without saturation.

-We include clear vinyl bumpers on the bottom of our vases to promote airflow and prevent any standing water.

Detailed care instructions Here

More Info on our processes.